Self-Care in the Craft of Teaching

October 19th, 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

1821 West Hubbard St Suite 307
Chicago, IL, 60622

This unique professional development workshop—a part of the our Authenticity in the Classroom program—is designed to help teachers tap into the passion for their craft to address stress in their professional lives. The workshop offers participants the opportunity to explore a variety of self-care techniques, to create a self-care plan, and to build a community of support.


10:00 am Welcome

10:10 am Taking a Mindful Pause (Techniques for yourself and your students)

10:30 am De-stressing over Brunch (A conversation about stress in teaching)

11:00 am Moving into Calm (Engaging the body in managing stress)

11:30 am Sharing Our Journeys to Teaching (Creative self-expression)

1:00 pm Setting Self-Care Goals

1:45 pm Reflection and Wrap-up

Self-Care in the Craft of Teaching is part of the Guild’s Authenticity in the Classroom program. This unique professional development program helps educators bring authenticity-focused social emotional learning (SEL) into their classrooms, schools, and communities. Developing a culture of authenticity includes supporting student’s individual experiences, addressing student stress,and practicing techniques for creating a warm, dynamic, and engaging learning environment. In this series of workshops participants will:

●Acquire techniques to invite students’ full, authentic experiences into the classroom

●Hone the skills of self-reflection, social-emotional critical thinking, and re-framing

●Build skills in using metaphor and materials, and creative expression

●Develop an implementation plan that connects authenticity-focused SEL to your school’s performance standards

●Develop strategies and action plans for self-care

●Learn how to explain and advocate for authenticity-focused SEL with your school/ district leadership, peers, and parents

●Connect with a community of like-minded educators