Authenticity in the Classroom

Addressing student stress through an authenticity-focused social-emotional learning approach

July 31st & August 1st • 10am - 4p,

Manhattan Field Support Center Summer Institute

We are excited to partner with the Manhattan Field Support Center and New York City DOE for our summer training.

This unique professional development opportunity for K-5 educators will focus on supporting students’ emotional well being and creating a learning environment where students can thrive.

Participants will:

  • Acquire techniques to invite students’ full, authentic experiences into the classroom
  • Learn how to create a "Warm Welcome" to begin the school year
  • Hone the skills of self-reflection, social-emotional critical thinking, and reframing
  • Build skills in using metaphor and materials, and creative expression
  • Develop an implementation plan that connects authenticity-focused SEL to your school’s performance standards
  • Develop strategies and action plans for self-care
  • Learn how to explain and advocate for authenticity-focused SEL with your school/district leadership, peers, and parents
  • Connect with a community of like-minded educators
  • Participating NYS Educators will receive 10 CTLE hours

After the training, educators will have the opportunity to continue their training, connect with peers, and earn professional development credits and micro credentials through an exclusive online follow up program.

  • Areas of focus will include support for implementation, peer curriculum review, and self-care

Participants will also receive discounts to the 2018 Children & Authenticity Conference, October 27th and 28th. This conference, which brings together practitioners from around the world, will provide educators the opportunity to deepen their practice of authenticity-focused SEL and to build training skills to bring this approach to their school community.


Framework: Supportive Environment
Quality Review: Curriculum - 1.1, Pedagogy - 1.2, Positive Learning Environment - 1.4, High Expectations - 3.4, Leveraging Resources - 1.3
Danielson: Knowledge of Content & Pedagogy (1a), Designing Coherent Instruction (1e), Creating an Environment of Respect and Rapport (2a), Managing Student Behavior (2d), Engaging Students in Learning (3c)

Training Leaders

Margaret Blachley: Psycho-educational specialist at the Center for Emotionally Responsive Practice at Bank Street College

Alexander Kopelman : President & CEO, Children’s Arts Guild

Mark LaRiviere :  Chief Program Officer, Children’s Arts Guild

Anya Levkovich: Program Coordinator, Children's Arts Guild


  • Two-day training (including materials, lunch and snack both days);
  • 10 hours of NY CTLE credit;
  • Exclusive access to online follow up training and three micro credentials;
  • Discounts to the 2018 Children & Authenticity Conference.
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