Creative Classrooms is a NYSED certified professional development program for art teachers and creativity specialists.  These year-long partnerships train educators in the foundations of social-emotional learning (SEL), creativity education, and authentic learning. We work with educators to incorporate creativity into their existing curricula and build a community of authenticity in their schools.

During the 2017-2018 school year, Creative Classrooms partnered with 18 schools across New York City. Join us.


Art Teacher Training: Designed for art teachers and teaching artists, this year-long partnership integrates art education principals with social-emotional learning. . Educators participate in monthly hands-on workshops to deepen their practice of creativity, develop curriculum, exchange ideas, and connect with fellow teachers. 

Creativity Specialist Training: Offered to any member of the school community this course trains educators to become the point-person for SEL-focused creativity education in their schools communities. Participants gain effective strategies for advocacy and communication with parents, fellow teachers, and administration as well as tools to lead their own trainings. 

What Teachers are Saying

I was able to see another side of my students- their self expression – many of the students expressed themselves like never before. Thank You!
— Creative Classrooms Teacher
Many of my students have have diverse academic needs and often times have a hard time articulating their comprehension and insight of a text. Creative Classrooms allowed these students to demonstrate their understanding and express their thoughts in a different way... Without [this program] some of my students would not have performed to the ability they have this year.
— Creative Classrooms Teacher
After getting involved with Creative Classrooms everything started. I got a full-time teaching job in Manhattan, got to be a part of several different communities, made some of my best friends, and learned so so much.”
— Creative Classrooms Teacher
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The Children's Arts Guild is a New York State Education Department approved CTLE sponsor. CTLE Sponsor # 23428.