Creative Classrooms is a NYSED certified professional development program teaching the foundations of social-emotional learning, overcoming limiting expectations, gender socialization, and authentic learning. Through hands-on experience with a variety of creativity activities and reflection tools, we train educators to incorporate creativity into their existing curricula.

We offer Creative Classrooms to art teachers, classroom teachers, and creativity specialists:


Art Teacher Training: Designed for art teachers and teaching artists this year long course provides hands-on workshops with a community of art teachers to deepen their practices of creativity education and develop social-emotional education competence.


Classroom Teacher Training: Geared toward classroom teachers this course offers practical training in incorporating creativity and social-emotional learning into teachers’ existing curricula. Our approach improves not only academic performance but also the overall culture of the classroom.


Creativity Specialist Training: Offered to any member of the school community this course trains a point person for bringing SEL-focused creativity education into individual schools, clusters, and districts.

After getting involved with Creative Classrooms everything started. I got a full-time teaching job in Manhattan, got to be a part of several different communities, made some of my best friends, and learned so so much.”
— Creative Classrooms Teacher
“As a teacher, I was able to see another side of my students- their self expression – many of the students expressed themselves like never before. Thank you!”
— Creative Classrooms Teacher
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The Children's Arts Guild is a New York State Education Department approved CTLE sponsor. CTLE Sponsor # 23428.