Conference Workshops

Children's Arts Guild is a NYSED certified professional development sponsor. New York State educators can receive up to 16 CTLE Credits by attending this conference. 



Meeting Children Where They Are

Development Continuum

Lesley Koplow , Director of The Center for Emotionally Responsive Practice at Banks Street College

Moving into Self-Awareness

Movement as a Mindfulness Tool

Mary Abrams

A Warm Welcome

“Mama, Where Are You From?”

Maya Projansky, 4th and 5th Grade Teacher at The Earth School

Building a Culture of Authenticity

Enlisting Support from Key Audiences

Alison Hazut, Principal of The Murray Avenue School


On Common Ground

Metaphor and materials in an authentic classroom

Margaret Blachley (Bank Street: Emotionally Responsive Practice Staff)

Building a Supportive Community Through Play

Howard Moody

Self-Care in an Authentic Classroom

Jim Handlin

From a Warm Welcome to a Good Goodbye

Empathy maps as analysis and planning tools

Alexander Kopelman and Mark LaRiviere