Creative Clasrooms: Art Teacher Training


Creative Classrooms is a professional development program that strengthens k-8 arts programs by training arts educators and teaching artists.

This program promotes social and emotional learning and gender socialization by focusing on four key goals for students:

  • Acquire skills in using drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture and collage as forms of thoughtful self-expression
  • Develop visual and critical thinking skills that       enhance literacy and self management
  • Build reflection and communications skills
  • Understand art’s role as a means of individual     self-expression and as a reflection of cultural       values through visits to museums and galleries



Participating schools commit to Children’s Arts Guild for a year-long partnership.

If the school does not already have arts educators on staff, Children’s Arts Guild works with the administration identify and screen teaching artists with advanced degrees in art and/or education.

At the beginning of the school year, educators take part in our specially designed teacher training. This two-day course offers an orientation to positive gender socialization, the fundamentals of social-emotional development, and the use of creativity education as a tool for enhancing students’ critical thinking and social skills.

After their training, teaching artists begin to collaborate with their school/ classroom teachers on projects that integrate creativity with their curriculum. Past projects have included--------. In addition to work in the classroom, Guild staff with take children on several visits to various cultural institutions around the city including museums, gallaries, community gardens, neighborhood events etc.

Throughout the year, art teachers continue to train at monthly after-school meetings. At the meetings, teachers bring examples of their students’ artwork, share lessons, and come up with new ideas for their classrooms. Guild staff also makes regular visits to evaluate program progress and offer insight and advice.

During the 2016-2017 school year, Children's Arts Guild brought this training to 19 New York City schools and worked with over 7,000 children.

“As a teacher, I was able to see another side of my students- their self expression – many of the students expressed themselves like never before. Thank you!”

— Creative Classrooms Teacher

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