Ongoing in-school creativity program


In this year-long in-school program, Guild trained creativity instructors foster creativity by engaging students in art making, critical thinking skills, and reflection on their own work, the work of their peers, and historical artworks. Creativity is a powerful learning tool that provide the students with visual, tactile, hands-on learning, working from their own experiences and exploring a variety of art materials and techniques. Students will make paintings, drawings, sculpture, printmaking, and collage. They will learn to speak and write about the experiences of creating the work, visit museums and galleries to see artwork and learn to display work for the community.

During the 2016-2017 School Year this program reached over 7,000 students in New York City. 

“As a teacher, I was able to see another side of my students- their self expression – many of the students expressed themselves like never before. Thank you!”
— Creative Classrooms Teacher