The Art of Growing Up After-School Creativity Education Classes

Do you love books? Do you love stories? Do you love to use your imagination? Do you love reading about characters from different times and different places?  Do you love to make things?  Then this class is for you. Each day, we share a story and then bring the story to life by using all kinds of art materials, from paper and crayons to clay, cardboard, paints, popsicle sticks, and glue. We then share our art with each other and talk about the stories each artwork tells.

This is a 12-week program of after-school classes: 1 hour for children in grades K - 2 and 1.5 hours for children in grades 3 - 5.


The Art of Growing Up School residency program

Through stories, expressive movement, visual arts and games, this program teaches children to look at how they view themselves, their gender, and the choices that they make. We look at and address the ever encroaching constriction of gender roles that begins to affect these youngest children. We speak and give creative expressions to our feelings, our thoughts and our preferences. This is a 12-week in-school residency program that brings the youngest children in harmony with themselves, their peers, and their community.