Alexander Kopelman
Co-founder, President & CEO

Alex is a writer and advocate who has devoted twenty-five years to advancing social justice and personal empowerment. He has a special passion for supporting young people in overcoming the limiting effects of outmoded societal stereotypes on individual development. Alex brings a wealth of experience in gender-specific youth development, having served as the Director of Marketing of Girls Inc., the premier girls’ empowerment organization in the US and Canada, for over twelve years.

Alex has authored and co-authored ten books and is a member of the Authors' Guild.



Mark LaRiviere
Co-founder & Chief Program Officer

Mark designed and created the Creative Classrooms program to train and place working artists in inner city parochial schools in New York City and served as its Director since 1997. He also developed staff development programs to train classroom teachers in using visual arts in their curricula and the training of artists and classroom teachers to utilize the city’s museums and cultural institutions as teaching tools for their students. Through Creative Classrooms, Mark has also trained musicians to develop music and choral programs in city schools.

Mark is also a working artist, he maintains a studio in New York City and regularly shows his work in galleries and museums.

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Matthew Quinones
      Program Coordinator             

In the fall of 2014, Matthew Quinones began as a facilitator for the Boys’ Arts Express program of Children’s Arts Guild. In the Summer of 2015, he was appointed Program Coordinator of the Children’s Arts Guild.  In this capacity, Matthew supervises, evaluates, develops and trains art teachers for the Guild’s Creative Classrooms program. He also leads a team of facilitators for the Boys’ Arts Express and Girls’ Arts Express programs.  

Matthew is a teaching artist and vocalist. He is committed to creative education, music, and service to the poor. He has worked for over a decade as a volunteer with GMHC to support AIDS patients who are homebound and disabled. 

He holds degrees in Fine and Performing Arts from Saint Joseph’s University.