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Alexander Kopelman
Co-founder, President & CEO

Alex is a writer and advocate who has devoted twenty-five years to advancing social justice and personal empowerment. He has a special passion for supporting young people in overcoming the limiting effects of outmoded societal stereotypes on individual development. Alex brings a wealth of experience in gender-specific youth development, having served as the Director of Marketing of Girls Inc., the premier girls’ empowerment organization in the US and Canada, for over twelve years.

Alex has authored and co-authored ten books and is a member of the Authors' Guild.

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Mark LaRiviere
Co-founder & Chief Program Officer

Mark has been training teachers in the art of authenticity for over twenty years. In 1997 he developed the Creative Classrooms program to train and place working artists in inner-city parochial schools around New York City. Mark co-founded the Children’s Arts Guild in 2010 to help children develop their authentic selves through creativity education. As Chief Program Officer, Mark has built the Guild’s Boys’ Arts Express and Girls' Arts Express after-school programs, expanded Creative Classrooms to include both public and private schools, and created a variety of authenticity-based creativity workshops for teachers, administrators, and parents. Currently, these programs reach over 9,000 children annually. When Mark isn’t in the classroom, he produces his own art and regularly shows his work in galleries and museums.

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Anya Levkovich
Program Coordinator

Anya is passionate about supporting and shaping young minds through creativity education. Anya began her journey as a teaching assistant at the Earth School in 2009. By 2015, she joined the Children's Arts Guild as a facilitator for the Girls’ Arts Express program and was appointed to Program Coordinator in 2017. In this role, Anya manages all day-to-day operations of the Guild’s child-facing programs. Anya leads a team of facilitators for the Boys' Arts Express and Girls' Arts Express after-school programs and supervises arts education through the Creative Classrooms program working with 18 schools across New York City.

Anya is also an artist, art educator, and art director with the Synetic Theater summer camp program. She is a big supporter of animal rescue groups and human companion to a few furry friends.

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Sarah Krauss
Operations Coordinator

As an artist and an activist, Sarah believes in the deeply transformative power of art, especially for children. A graduate of NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, Sarah has sung, danced, and acted her way and across the country.  Sarah joined the Guild in 2017 after working as a Correspondence Assistant on the Hillary Clinton campaign and as an organizer of the Women's March on Washington. During that time, she also founded Artists For Action NYC, a network for artists passionate about progressive politics. Sarah considers the intersection of art and social change the cause of her life and is thrilled to be helping the Guild support children in growing into more intelligent, engaged, and productive people.