Artful Thinking / Early Childhood Program

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Keeping Creativity and Expression Through Childhood

An 11 Week Program For Four Classroom Teachers:

Children come to school with an innate creativity and curiosity about the world around them. The key is to keep that same sense of wonder alive as they grow. The Children’s Arts Guild’s Early Childhood Program helps teachers encourage and build upon children’s inherent creativity. Our approach uses stories, expressive movement, visual arts, songs and games and reflective techniques to explore children’s personal experiences, preferences, and innate curiosities.

This program will show educators how to help children explore their natural creativity and develop their authentic selves. Teachers will learn how to guide young children through an examination of the way they view themselves, their identity, and their choices.  We will address the ever encroaching constriction of gender roles that begins to affect these youngest children and how we can help them grow beyond these limiting expectations. We will practice reflecting and giving creative expressions to our feelings, our thoughts and our unique perspectives.  

This 11 week in-school residency program  supports children in becoming emotionally intelligent, socially engaged, and productive citizens of the world.

Program Format:

  • The program starts with a half day introductory workshop with classroom teachers outlining the goals, processes, and expectations of the program.

  • Guild staff with meet with teachers to discuss individual plans for addressing classroom dynamics, classroom curriculum, recommended books and creative processes

  • 8 sessions of team teaching per teacher in the classroom with Guild staff

  • Program concludes with a half day “wrap-up” meeting with teachers where participating teachers introduce this technique to other staff members.

As always, we are willing to work with you to create a custom program that suits the needs of your school, district, or community.