Authenticity in the Classroom Professional Development Workshops:

  • “ was one of the best faculty meetings that we ever had. The fact that the teachers took the initiative to plan and learn from each other and all participants took it so seriously and were actively engaged meant the world to me because it tells me that our students' social-emotional development is in good hands.”

  • “I was surprised by how many resources I was able to bring back into the classroom”

  • “My brain is buzzing with ideas. Feeling so energized!”

  • “Everyone was welcoming, knowledgeable and shared very meaningful examples and experiences”

Creative Classrooms:

  • “I was able to see another side of my students- their self expression – many of the students expressed themselves like never before. Thank You!”

  • “Many of my students have have diverse academic needs and often times have a hard time articulating their comprehension and insight of a text. Creative Classrooms allowed these students to demonstrate their understanding and express their thoughts in a different way... Without [this program] some of my students would not have performed to the ability they have this year.

  • “After getting involved with Creative Classrooms everything started. I got a full-time teaching job in Manhattan, got to be a part of several different communities, made some of my best friends, and learned so so much.”

After School Programs:

Our Programs In Action: