Professional Development

We are partnering with educators to ignite a new movement to bring authenticity-based social-emotional learning to school communities across the country.

Our professional development training workshops, education conferences, online courses, and year-long partnerships focus on the role of authenticity and creativity in children's lives and development as learners.

Our workshops have recently been featured at SXSW EDU, The National School Board Association Conference, and the New York State Art Educators Conference.

In addition to our per-existing offerings, we are available to work with organizations to create a customized programs that meet the needs of their classroom, school, or district. To discuss how to bring Guild programs to your community, please contact Mark LaRiviere at

(Children's Arts Guild is a NYSED certified professional development provider.)

Professional Development Programs:

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Self-Care in the Craft of Teaching: Tools for Expanding Your Practice

This is the second of our series of self-care workshops for educators that focuses on helping teachers tap into the passion for their craft to address stress in their professional lives.

May 11th, 2019


112 w 27th Street, NY, NY



Authenticity in the Classroom: Developing a Culture of Authenticity in Your Classroom

This introductory course will be offered online via this spring.

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Authenticity in the Classroom: Addressing student stress through an authenticity-focused social-emotional learning approach

This unique professional development program helps educators bring authenticity-focused social emotional learning (SEL) into their classrooms, schools, and communities.


Creative Classrooms

Designed as year-long professional development  for art teachers and creativity specialists, these programs train educators in the foundations of SEL and creativity-based authentic learning. We work with educators to incorporate creativity into their existing curricula and build a community. 

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Artful Thinking: Early Childhood Program

This program shows educators how to help young children explore their natural creativity and develop their authentic selves. Teachers will learn how to guide students through an examination of the way they view themselves, their identity, and their choices.  We will address the ever encroaching constriction of gender roles that begins to affect these youngest children and how we can help them grow beyond these limiting expectations.

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Artful Thinking: Middle School Program

Middle School students are constantly questioning who they are, their place in the world, and whether their passions, ideas, and choices are valued by others.Many young adult fiction books center around these very questions making them both exciting reads for middle school students and excellent tools for educators. The Guild’s Middle School Program teaches educators to use young adult fiction as a springboard for memorable lessons, meaningful reflection, and critical literary examination.

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2018 Children & Authenticity Conference

October 27th and 28th • 9 am - 5 pm

Borough of Manhattan Community College

The themes of our third annual Children & Authenticity conference will be self-compassion and becoming an effective advocate for authenticity-based social emotional learning in your community. Learn more HERE

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