Professional Development

We are partnering with educators to ignite a new movement to bring authenticity-based social-emotional learning to school communities across the country.

Our training workshops, education conferences, and year-long partnerships focus on the role of authenticity and creativity in children's lives and its key role in the development as lifelong learners.  

(Children's Arts Guild is a NYSED certified professional development provider.)

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2018 Children & Authenticity Conference

October 27th and 28th • 9 am - 5 pm

Borough of Manhattan Community College

The themes of our third annual Children & Authenticity conference will be self-compassion and becoming an effective advocate for authenticity-based social emotional learning in your community. Learn more HERE


Creative Classrooms

Designed as year-long professional development  for art teachers, classroom teachers, and creativity specialists, these programs train educators in the foundations of SEL and creativity-based authentic learning. We work with educators to incorporate creativity into their existing curricula and build a community. 



Previous Trainings:

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Authenticity in the Classroom Training

July 31st & August 1st

Manhattan Field Support Center Summer Institute • 10am - 4pm

This training will set educators up for success in the new school year. CLICK HERE to learn more.





Authenticity in the Classroom Training

Addressing student stress through an authenticity-focused social-emotional learning (SEL)  approach.

May 5th and 6th • 10am - 4pm

The Earth School, 600 E 6th Street, NY, NY


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Children's arts guild is a New York State certified CTLE provider. Get your CTLE credits with us.